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Updated: May 7

Advance Color Magic Correspondence for your Magical Practice

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I have come to the understanding that different colors mean different things to different people.

A colors meaning can be based on your culture, spiritual path, and personal experience.

However I do suggest that beginners of magic start off using a basic color magic correspondence that resonates with you.

You can find one in a favorite book on witchcraft, you can google one to save it or print it of to go into your BOR (Book Of Reference)

I have some references here for you to get more in depth on the meaning of colors in magick.

Basic Color Magick Correspondence

  • Red - love, power, strength, passion, danger

  • Blue - tranquility, emotion,

  • Brown - earth, friendly, dogmatic, conservative, materialism

  • Green - money, fertility, healing, envy, jealousy, guilt

  • Pink - health, happiness, feminine, sweet, playful, friendship

  • Purple - royalty, nobility, spirituality, mystery, divination

  • Yellow - energy, intellect, happy, creativity, communication

  • Orange - confidence, success, courage

  • Black - protection, death, evil, negative

  • White - purity, fresh, clean, positve

  • Gold - glamorous, graceful

  • Silver - high tech, sleek

Advanced color magick correspondence is relating the colors to yourself in a more personal way in order to help boost your magick effectiveness.

My color correspondence with color starts with two experience.

One is when I was listening to a lecture on money magick. And this man expressed that he do not use the color green when he is performing money magick, because he associates green with debt. he went on this rant about how the dollar is green and not real currency. But I right then I understood that he was using color to be an effective magickal practitioner not a trendy one or a traditional one.

Another experience is when I came across a young woman at a psychic fair. She explained to me why she don't use black and white candles because those colors promotes opposition. When performing magick she wanted the results to manifest as smooth as possible, so she uses silver or gold as colors when she is performing magick.

So I went through a process of figuring out what the colors mean to me so that I could use color in my magick more effectively. I figured this out through meditation and journaling.

Witchy Waters Advance Color Correspondence

  • Red - fighting, anger, sex, ancestors, battle, war

  • Blue - popularity, masculinity, coolness, belonging

  • Brown - confusion unfamiliar, curse

  • Green - aversion, lack, charity

  • Pink - healing, youthful feminine energy

  • Purple - deviant, two faced, erratic, dangerous

  • Yellow - happiness, freedom, right choice

  • Orange - harsh clarity, fresh start, humor

  • Black - lack, voids, limits

  • White - falseness, cruel, evil

  • Gold - lure, attract

  • Silver - abundance, prosperity, wealth, money

You are free to use this color correspondence if it resonates with you. keep in mind that this color correspondence is unique to me and I came up with this doing advance color magick rituals.

If you want to develop your own unique Magickal Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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