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How To Use The Color Blue In Magic

Updated: May 7

The Magical Meaning of the Color Blue

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Basic Correspondence

  • Calm

  • Spiritual

  • Creativity

  • Peacefulness

  • Likable

  • Truth

  • Emotional

  • Thoughts

Uses for the color blue in your magical practice.

  • To end a war, battle, or fighting

  • To facilitate peace and harmony

  • To be popular among men

  • When a man wants to be leader among other men

  • When you want to find a group/tribe to belong too

Use Blue Altar Cloths When Decorating Your Altar To Embody The Energy That Blue Represents

Use Blue Candles For Magical Intent

Learn How To Read Candles

Planet: Moon/Jupiter

Zodiac: Cancer/Sagittarius

Day: Monday

Phonetic Breakdown

Blue sounds like Blew

When I think about the color blue in the since of the action verb blew. I think of gust of wind putting out a fire.

This would signify the end of an action or violence giving way to logic and reason.


My interpretation of the information presented to me of the study of the word blue.

Wind and water mixing blowing or blew in air.

This is logic and emotion.

Knowing something without proof of existence.

My personal experience with blue was when I was a tomboy and had a lot of male friends. I wore a lot of blue and was apart of criminal organizations.

At this time my male friends were seeking out my advice and I brought people together.

If you want to develop your own unique Magickal Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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