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How To Use The Color Brown In Magic

Updated: May 7

The Magical Meaning and Uses of the Color Brown

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Basic Correspondence

  • Home

  • Foundation

  • Stability

  • Grounding

  • Earth

  • Food

  • Animals

  • Concentration

List of Uses for the Color Red in your Magical Practice

  • Use to get a person out of your way

  • To curse someone

  • To cause confusion among people

Use red when decorating your altar with altar cloths

Use Red Candles For Magical Intent

Learn How To Read Candles

Planet: Saturn

Zodiac: Capricorn

Day: Saturday

Phonetic Breakdown


Battle Royal + Ownership

Personal Responsibility


Something that is bright but is covered by dust.

A diamond in the rough

A Battle for the crown

Taking personal responsibility for your role in the actions of others.

In my personal experience I have came to view the energy of brown as the energy of potential.

This can be a person who is cursed with the golden touch, maids touch or the touch when everything turns to shit.

If you want to develop your own unique Magickal Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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