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How To Use The Color Purple In Magic

Updated: May 7

The Magical Meaning and Uses of the Color Purple

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Basic Correspondence

  • Spirituality

  • connection to higher self

  • Goddess

  • insight

  • clarity

  • tension

List of Uses for the Color Purple in your Magical Practice

  • For protection from the erratic and dangerous

  • To bring a family together after tragedy

  • To expose the truth

  • For protection from deviants

  • To be more of an individual

  • To be separated from people who have no good intentions

Use Purple when decorating your altar with altar cloths

Use Purple Candles For Magical Intent

Learn How To Read Candles

Planet: Uranus

Zodiac: Aquarius

Day: Wednesday


To become separate from what holds things together

When royalty was in mourning

Being in high regard but lost something or missing something

Came from the name of a disease where patches were formed on the skin and that part of the skin had to be removed.

Removing layers

If you want to develop your own unique Magical Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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