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How To Use The Color Gold In Magic

Updated: May 7

The Magical Meaning and Uses of the Color Silver

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Basic Correspondence

  • Masculine divinity

  • great fortune

  • abundance

  • prosperity

  • male energy

  • understanding

  • fast luck

  • solar/sun energy

  • positive attitude

  • luxury

List of Uses for the Color Gold in your Magical Practice.

To attract what you want

Use Gold when decorating your altar with altar cloths

Use Gold Candles For Magical Intent

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: Leo

Day: Sunday

Phonetic Breakdown

The Old God the first thing I see


To be without blemish or tarnish

To shine forever without blemish or tarnish

I relate gold with my mother. My mother loves gold. She really likes things with gold accents

If you want to develop your own unique Magickal Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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