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How To Use The Color White In Magic

Updated: May 7

The Magical Meaning and Uses of the Color White

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Basic Correspondence

  • All purpose

  • unity

  • purity

  • cleansing

  • peace

  • balance

  • spirituality

  • healing

  • innocence

  • truth

  • consecration

  • balancing the aura

List of Uses for the Color White in your Magical Practice

  • To expose falseness

  • To work with Satan or Saturn energy

Use White when decorating your altar with altar cloths

Use White Candles For Magical Intent

Learn How To Read Candles

Planet: All Planets

Zodiac: All Signs

Day: All Days


devoid of color

If you want to develop your own unique Magickal Color Correspondence

I have made a guide that I hope will help you.

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