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Taurus The Bull Characteristics and Personality Traits

Updated: Apr 20

This Blog May Contain Affiliate Links, Product, and Service Promotion Taurus can be a stubborn, lazy, beautiful spirit. Here is an in-depth guide to understanding this Venus-ruled zodiac sign.

Taurus Complete Astrology Reference

Birthstone: Emerald

Ruling Planet: Venus

Exalting Planet: Moon

Detrimental Planet: Mars and Pluto

Fall Planet: Uranus

Ruling House: 2nd House

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Polarity: Feminine/Negative/Passive/Yin

Body Part: Neck/Throat


Tarot: Color: Brown/Green

God/Goddess: Aphrodite & Venus

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.” Audrey Hepburn

How To Understand The Zodiac Taurus

Career and Money

Taurus thrives in a creative and easy-going work environment. Like paint by numbers job. It's essentially the same task but with a different picture. Taurus is good at investing in valuable assets. Taurus at 1st seems stingy with their money. They are not they are just slow on making a decision on what to spend it on.

Taurus works hard, they will outwork you. Taurus is not afraid to roll their sleeves up and put in extra hours.

Middle management


Art Curator

Food Critic

Love and Sex

Taurus is not going to get intimate with people they don't know our trust, yes they have to be comfortable. The romance is slow and deliberate, but once they set they eyes on a target they can be relentless.

Family and Friends

Taurus keep the family close and only have friends that they have known for a long time and are beneficial to them. They must be able to see you in their life long term.

Dark side




Narrow Minded

Light side






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