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10 Ways To Creatively Express Yourself During This Full Moon in Cancer

Updated: May 7

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On New Years Day the Moon will be at home in Cancer in the 5th house.

This will probably have us feeling very emotional, but being that the Sun is in Capricorn we may want to do this in a constructive manner. So let take a hint from the 5th house and do this as creatively as possible while having fun.

Here are the 10 ways to creatively express yourself during this Full Moon in Cancer.

1. Writing or Journaling: You don't have to be the best writer nor do you have to share what you've written all you need to do is get those feelings down on paper. This is a good way to have a record of what you were feeling during a particular time in your life that you can always go back an look at.

2. Baking/Cooking: Alot of people look over this when it comes to being creative. I find that making something delicious is very creative and it takes skills and a bit of talent. Not everyone can bake or cook. And we all watched the Food Network you can make works of art with food.

3. Drawing: It doesn't matter if all you can draw is stick figures just express your self. If you feel like your going in circles draw circles. If you feel blocked draw squares and with a side missing. But if you are talented, you can go out side with your sketch book or even sit at home and draw whats in your head or whats on t.v.

4. Music: Listening to music always helps. Some of us have the gift of being able to create music. If you play an instrument play it. Now is a good time to strum that guitar, blow the sax, or tickle the ivory on a piano.

5. Decorating: Rearrange some furniture get some accent pieces. Feng Shui, Feng Shui Feng Shui. Beautiful environments always uplifts peoples spirit. Flower arrangements, pillows, maybe even pain a wall. Just be creative about how you raise the vibration of your environment.

6. Painting: This is a way to express yourself creatively through vibrant color. This could be coupled with drawing. But Not everyone who can draw can paint. And its just fun to through paint around as long as it lands on the canvas. Have fun

7. Poetry/Rap: This is a way to tell a story that rhymes and has a cadence or beat to it. This is the easiest to remember and I find that it has close ties to music in that it speaks to the soul.

8. Singing: Sing a song of joy or sorrow but just sing a song that reflects the emotions you feel. It doesn't have to be a song you wrote just pick a song. I have no talent when it comes to singing but that has never stopped me.

9. Scrap-booking: Creatively arranging your memories to be beautiful an d eye pleasing is another way to express yourself. What makes you happy? Family, Pet, Money. I will also put in this category planner decoration and Project Life Journaling.

10. Dancing: I love to dance this is my favorite form of expression. Dancing can be so freeing so liberating. It doesn't matter if you cant dance, just moving your body and feeling the beat, twerking included.

Let me know how you creatively express yourself, I would love to see.

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