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Top 3 Aspects of the Super Full Moon in Cancer

With the Full Moon falling on New Years I know alot of people want to know how will this effect them, what should they look for, and how do they work with the energies.

Well here is the main 3 astrological aspects to look for, the general effect and how to work with the energy.

Moon in Cancer 5th House Opposing Venus in Capricorn 11th House

During this New Year we may feel the need to break out have fun and even be reckless. Well do not let you emotions led you into trouble. It is perfectly fine to have emotions, but a more cool and leveled head is needed in order to not make your relationships worse.

Moon in Cancer 5th House Opposing Saturn in Capricorn 11th House

Hanging with like minded people can spark new ideas and possibly new partnerships. Just make sure you listen to your intuition when it comes to partnerships.

Moon in Cancer 5th House Trining Neptune in Pisces 1st House

How you feel about who you are is at the forefront of these emotions. It could be easy for you to be disillusioned about the reasons you are letting it all hang out. Letting it all hang out emotional could attract exactly what you need or what you don't want be strategic and listen to your intuition.

If Your Would Like A Reading To Know How The Energies Personally Affect You

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