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7 Day Candle Magick Meanings

Updated: Feb 3

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Weak/low flame – If the flame is burning low then it reveals heavy opposition from a stronger spirit, and you are losing to that individual. There is a lot of negativity. Seeing any result could take a while, because the candle must burn through obstacles. It is recommended to burn another candle for faster results, and cleanse environment. If the low flame candle dwindles out on its own there is work to be done, or it’s not the appropriate action to take. If it starts out high and dwindles out the issues requires no more concern and will fade. Good chance desire won’t come true.

Strong/high flame – If the flame is burning high then the candle won’t have any problems. The spell is going to work fast because of the lack of negativity, and opposing individuals lacking spiritual protection. If the flame grows larger the problem will also increase, but positivity in experiences will be beneficial and fruitful.

Slow-burning – When the candle burns slow the desires are hard to manifest, and should be reevaluated. This might be because of many obstacles. However success might come with time.

Flickering/jumping flame – When the candle flickers it reveals indecisiveness and doubts. Intentions could lack positivity, and need to be reevaluated. There might be a few minor disputes and disagreements that challenge the will because of it. Raw emotions could be attached causing burst of energy to be transmitted. The candle could also reveal the presence of spirits (could be a negative one), and/ or they could be defending you. The person you are trying to effect is fighting back. Make sure to be centered and focused otherwise it might be wise to stop there. If a flame twists and spiral it reveals false friends and deception. If it spirals high then the person you are working with is greatly affected.

Candle goes out – If the candle goes out the spell should not be done, and has a negative outcome. It is possible for someone to have a candle burning for you, but they were stronger so it could not be fought off. Otherwise, the opposition is resisting. If the candle was directed at an individual a different candle should be lit the next day due to resistance. However if your intentions were impure for attempting to control someone’s free will, or the desire was self-serving not for universal good, then intentions should be reevaluated. Only then a new candle should be lit. When a candle leaves a layer unburned there is unfinished business, and intentions may not have been clear. When a candle is performed for someone else and the candle goes out. The individual succeeded in fighting off the attack, and alarmed the individual. A different type of spell must be performed. If the flame dies quickly then expect an abrupt change. If a seven day candle burns out early a new candle must be lit immediately. Reversing spells and spells of harm failed and has a lot of negativity directed at you. The other individual have spirits fighting it off and will soon be successful.

Crackling, hissing, sizzling, and popping – This means the request is hard to fulfill, the louder the harder to remove opposition. If a protection spell it means someone is talking about you. Otherwise a spirit or something from the astral plane wants to communicate and help. Spiritual warfare could take place on your behalf, and burn away obstacles. If it is followed by white smoke it will be a success. If a spell done for harm then the individual is thinking about you.

Steady candle – The spell will probably be in your favor, especially if the glass is clean, no wax. If the flame is also steady things will stay the same, and is sending out strong energy to manifest your desires.

Black soot – A strong negative energy is interfering or resisting. A sign of struggle. The candle is working harder to remove barriers to achieving victory. A grey/ black sooty top that fades into a clear bottom indicates hidden troubles, or something is working against you, and maybe stronger. It takes positive thinking and perseverance to succeed. Things will be bad at first, but repeated spells and offerings or a cleansing is probably necessary due to a difficult situation. The person is in trouble. Things were negative before they got better. If the wick has a large ball of soot emotional baggage and resistance is present. If a knot is present then it will mark the glass regardless. On a free-standing candle a knot represents an intense stubborn situation. Soot on glass where the flame was close to the glass, especially around a saint image or label represents backstabbing people, frienemies could be envious. An entirely black candle shows serious obstacles are taking place. More work needs to be done like an uncrossing, a cleansing, suggested to be done by a practitioner of your faith. Negativity or witchcraft could have been directed toward you. Cleanse the environment, and light a reversal candle. If the candle is lit for harm then it is being reversed on you. It is suggested to stop. If the candle burns the bottom half black negativity was sent your way. If to remove harm the person was alerted and reversed the spell.

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Flame to the left –Wait for a better timing or be cautious.

Flame to the right – Love life should be smooth.

Candle sparks – Shows delusions in intent. Good fortune and a reward for efforts. A good relationship with potential hot tempers.

Pale flames – An unhealthy relationship.

White smoke- Desire will be granted but with struggle. A situation that isn’t clear. There may be issues that require attention first. Small puffs of smoke could indicate second guessing of desires. If candle works over seven days a mental and physical break is needed. White smoke on the glass is a good sign of success and blessings. It is a good thing if the candle smokes right away after being lit, because negative energy is being removed, and will be quick. If a free-standing candle smokes excessively at the outset, but ends up burning cleanly, it is a token of hidden trouble or someone working against your wishes. Things will not go well at first, but with repeated work you will overcome.

Black smoke – Obstacles might be in the way, and you will probably get what you want. Candle is beginning to remove negative energy.

No smoke – The matter could be long over, and not have any obstacles.

A lot of smoke – Shows hidden trouble. Someone or something is getting in the way, but obstacles will be overcome in the end.

Smoke blows left- So emotionally involved in the situation, you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Smoke blows right- You need to use your head not emotions.

Smoke without fire- A relationship is an illusion, and filled with insecurity.

Smoke, rapidly burning- Desires granted rapidly, or you were protected by spirits from an attack quickly.

Unsteady candle – The flame is dripping, rising, and flaring constantly the spell is being resisted by the person it was intended for.

Northern movement – Indicates physical presence manifesting, you can work for your desire.

Eastern movement – A more meaningful nature or troubled is at work. Give deep thought about your life and reexamine your motive.

Southern movement – Is short and intense, indicates something fast moving is manifesting. This will not last long but will bring in success rapidly and with intense result.

Western movement – A strong magical intervention is manifesting. The issue at hand is too intense, it is wise to distance yourself, and try again later. Examine intent and clear thoughts.

Blue flame – A spiritual or emotional storms ahead. A lot of blue in the flame angels and spirits are protecting you from a possibly unhappy outcome.

Rainbow flame – Represents mixed communications and change, the message depends on the color. The color can correspond with aura color.

Bright flame – A healthy, passion filled relationship.

Doesn’t burn – The situation won’t work, or will take a lot of effort due to lack of passion and interest. A lot of negativity is in the environment, do a cleansing to remove before proceeding. If it is to remove harm another spell must be done.

Whistling candle – Occasionally this is because of a damp wick.

Two wicks/flames – A partnership is the key to success. Two flames will probably white streak the glass. If you are burning a love candle, and a second flame develops from an ash then I consider that to be a bad sign due to a rival being present. On a free-standing candle, the twin flames especially if they eventually rejoin indicates that after delays a union or reunion may be foretold, or that there may be a flirtation, separation, or parting before the union or reunion of two parties. A division/ separation of a relationship unless that is your intent it is a bad thing. If a flame splits into three flames the couple as a rivalry, or something is interfering to keep from breaking them up. If a protection spell the center represents you. The other is the enemy. If used to dominate someone. The other person has help from others.

Clear flame – A pure, even tempered relationship.

Flame/smoke leans toward you – The concern will be resolved in your favor. If smoke wafts towards you it means that your prayer is more than likely to be answered, and answered quickly.

Flame/smoke leans away from you – The concern will not be resolved in your favor unless you use your head. If smoke wafts away from you, then it means that you will need a great deal of perseverance and patience in order to have your prayer answered.

Transient images – Images that occur while the candle is burning, but disappear by the time the candle flame has gone out. The shape will give clues to the situation’s outcome. A run of wax droplets down the side of the candle are called “tears”, and they denote that someone will cry before the spell succeeds. Smoke residue can also be read, and are direct messages from your spirits.

Infrequent noise – Mild, pure thoughts, intimate conversation indicated.

Mild frequent noise – Indication of an authority type figure giving orders, can be presences with this one.

Clean, no signs, even burn – Success despite opposition especially if no marks on the glass unless it is a free-standing candle then no residue and even burn is good. It can also mean the candle is mute, doing nothing.

Candle falls/flames high causing fire – Increased danger. Job needs to be restart from the beginning, do a ritual cleaning, and an uncrossing spell. If the candle explodes a lot of negativity was directed at you, and something might have protected it from you. Light another candle of the same type to break their protection, and to work the spell correctly.

Flame bends – a minor setback can be expected.

Spout/bottom lip – A normal wax-melting thing.

Red fame – A red center hints that spirits are getting to the heart of the matter. A red center that is dim or just a pinpoint reveals a situation that may not be motivated by the heart. If the wick of the candle starts building a little bulb at its tip, chances are that you have opposition, or a third party working against you.

Frequent chatter – An argument, quarreling loud disagreements, and manifestations can be mixed and strong if chatter is strong.

One sided – An unbalance in the relationship.

Roaring – An arguments or fiery passion.

Flames left or right – Indecision about a major choice.

Alternating flame– Repeated flaring up, and dying away, or guttering of the flame, alternating between high and low flame, or even briefly winking out and then relighting itself, is a sign that the person you are working on is subconsciously aware of your actions, and may be responding partially, then fighting off your influence, then responding again.

Flaring – A rhythmic flaring or dipping often means that progress will be slow, and may have difficulties.

Fan of flame around wick – Issues need to be addressed before the desire manifests.

Fast burning candle – An overly-fast burn means that although the work will go well, it probably won’t last long or be permanent. Might need to repeat again at a later date.

Candle relights after being put out – The spirits are detecting something that is good or bad, and need the candle to assist effectively. If a candle is put out that is being used to dominate or harm someone the spirits of that individual have time to retaliate.

The entire top of candle and wick is on fire – The spell is being fought by a spirit, but more than likely the spell will be successful.

Two candles – Burning two or more candles, named for specific people, and the flame of one tends to lean or bend toward the other, the person represented is attracted to the person signified by the other candle. The one whose flame is taller is the dominant one. If the flame on a candle that was named for an individual leans or bends away from a named candle representing a lover , or away from a central candle that represents some person he or she was supposed to protect. If they gutter down, then the person is emotionally repulsed by the lover, or derelict in his protective duty toward the person signified by the other candle. If you burning a bride-and-groom type candle for love, and the woman’s wax runs all over the man’s, then the woman desires the man more than he desires regardless of candle color or intent. If the bride side of a bride-and-groom candle, or a separate female candle burns faster than the groom side of a bride-and-groom candle , or a separate male candle then she’s more affected by the spell work than he is, and vice versa. If the woman’s wax runs around the base of the man’s, she’s trying to cling to him, and vice versa. If you are burning two candles that are supposed to represent two different individuals, it is not a great omen especially if one of the candles burns away to the bottom much faster than the other does. It is often a sign that timing is off in the relationship, or it is not meant to be. A candle with multiple wicks doesn’t burn evenly then the balance of power in a relationship is out of proportion, or one person (assuming this is a figural bride/groom or female/male candle) wants the desired outcome far more than the other. A pin or needle on a marked free-standing candle drops but it clings and won’t fall. Either the client is clinging to past conditions or someone or something from the client’s past is unwilling to let the client go. “Someone or something” means that it may be a living person, or a hostile spirit sent against the client, a spirit of the dead, or the spirit of a drug or illness. If the client is the one who is clinging, you will probably know it by knowing the client’s case. If someone or something is clinging to the client, it is likely to be the same someone or something that is the cause of or is a part of whatever is the client’s problem or situation that you are working to remedy.

Wax on glass – When a candle leaves waxy residue it indicates that there are still some things that need to be straightened out in order to obtain your desires completely. This can be cleared with repeated candle work and some interpretation of the symbols in the residue. If there is a good amount of wax remaining in the bottom of the glass, there is some unfinished business. You may need to burn a second candle or follow it up with another spell. Wax on the sides of the glass indicates where there are personal hindrances to the progress of the spell. Waxy residue is an indication of personal or emotional blocks. The candle can be divided in to chakras to pinpoint the problem. The right and left sides of the candle labeled as projective and receptive. The front of the candle and back labeled as past and future or in some cases, conscious and subconscious. Then work to clear those areas with spiritual cleansings and candle work. Droplets of wax running down the candle side this can signify tears and an indication of difficulties. Also that there may be a period of suffering before the desire is granted.

Candle unfolds or deconstructs –The way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant. If it seems to collapse outward or unfold like a flower it is a sign that your wish will be granted. It represents possibilities and paths opening for you. A candle that is too lopsided in one direction or another means that you are dealing with a situation that is way out of balance. If the flame is buried by the wax, that is often a sign that the wish will not be granted. A candle burns on one side, it was only part way effective. It means the wrong candle or wrong candle dressing was used

Wax shapes –the shapes taken by the solidifying wax. A Ceromantic practice is to tip a candle over a shallow bowl of water and let some wax pour into the water, then observe and identify. A free-standing candle burns down to a puddle of wax, forming transient or persistent images. If the tears melt away and are gone by the time the candle is finished, the sorrow will pass in due time. If the tears persist after the candle is finished and either hang down like icicles, tall columns, or spires of unburned wax tears the sorrow will be of long effect. After the candle is finished, the wax puddle that remains can be examined and its meaning related to the spell.

Broken/cracking glass – Broken glass is never very good, but the meaning is based on candle intent. It could be neutral or a warning. If the candle breaks and wax drips there will be tears or blood loss, and vice versa. If it spills the wax it is a warning, and should be looked at carefully and adjustments made. Remember to combine the meaning of the cracked glass with other signs, such as soot, burned label art, etc., in order to get the fullest picture of what the outcome will be. It might be best to light another candle. But that depends on what the candle was for. Broken glass can be enemy work with strong pressure against you most often by secret enemies or returned witchcraft. If used to dominate an individual it means their protection was broken. If an uncrossing this is good because it indicates that the spell placed upon you or the individual you are petitioning for has been broken.

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