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Asian Doll: Sugah Trap Astrology

Updated: Feb 19

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Name: Asian Doll

Birthday: Dec 7, 1996

Birthplace: Dallas, Tx

Asian Doll also known as Misharron Jermeisha Allen is a female rapper who's music can be categorized as "Sugah Trap".

I must admit musically I was not feeling Asian Doll at first. Then when she seemly went on a rampage of bullying where she got into brawls with Bali Baby and Rico Nasty, even falling out with her long time best friend Cuban doll. I was so ready to write her off. Even though I still consider her a bully, musically she fire.

Everything You Need To Know About Asian Doll

Asian Dolls Personality and Hearts Desire is Calculated by using her stage name "Asian Doll". Being that these numbers are can be calculated by the current name or name that we are called at the moment of calculation. Also, we do not know her exact time of birth so her moon and ascendant is not known. There is a question of the year she was born also.

"Nigga who you think you is, I be pimpin' on a bitch I don't give a fuck about a nigga if he was rich" Asian Doll

Asian Doll Personality

Her personality is originally a 16/7 which is karmic. What this means is everything that happens to her will be a direct reflection of how she acts and how she treats people.

Asian Doll Hearts Desire

Her Heart's desire number is originally a 17/8 this means that when it comes to her career she wants to be recognized for her achievements and she would like to look at herself as more disciplined and sound in making the decisions that affect her career.

Asian Doll Life Path

35/8 This life path number indicates success only by hard work. Distraction will not fair well for Asian Doll.

Asian Doll Gift

Asian Doll gift number is 7. Her gift is thinking before she acts.

Astrology Explains Asian Doll

Sun in Sagittarius 6th House

Moon in Scorpio 2nd House She has strong, deep feelings and forms intense, lasting emotional attachments to others. Financial security is important to who she is, she needs to be careful and make smart decisions on where she lives.

Mercury in Capricorn 4th House She can be clear, objective, and detached in her thinking. When she is able to think rational and practical she makes realistic decisions. Subjects of interest her include psychology, particularly symbolism and family relationships and heritage.

Venus in Scorpio 3rd House Once she becomes attached to someone, She clings to them tenaciously. She will need to feel completely united in marriage. She usually talks to others in a friendly, pleasant way, and not inclined to argue.

Mars in Virgo 1st House She is very particular and exacting at work. She strives for perfection and become easily irritated by sloppiness. She is strong, aggressive, independent, and enjoy having these qualities and being known for them.

Jupiter in Capricorn 5th House She enjoys professional work and enjoys being in a distinguished position. Creative endeavors, sports & games are good outlets for her.

Saturn in Aries 7th House She strikes to the essence of an idea or the situation, and is not impressed with the flowery embellishments. she relates to others well in formal situations but tends to maintain distance and detachment in personal relationships as well.

Uranus in Aquarius 5th House she is in the free development of the individual She likes to express herself spontaneously and individualistically. She likes to learn through experimentation.

Neptune in Capricorn 5th House She Is conservative in religious and psychic matters. She has an appreciation for imaginative art and music is strong. She likes imaginative projects; purely practical work is not very fulfilling.

Pluto in Sagittarius 3rd House She is highly adventurous and forward-looking. Many hopes and dreams are built and not all of them can be achieved. She feels a deep need to learn and develop a clear understanding

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