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Rico Nasty: Sugah Trap Astrology 2

Name: Rico Nasty

Birthday: May 7, 1997

Birthplace: Washington, DC

Rico Nasty is a female rapper who is the originator of the rap genre Sugar Trap

Rico Nasty Personality and Hearts Desire is Calculated by using her stage name "Rico Nasty". Being that these numbers are can be calculated by current name or name that we are called at the moment of calculation. Also we do not know her exact time of birth so her moon and ascendant is not known.

Personality# 27/9

Rico Nasty personality comes across as been a creative. Her creativity comes off very strong.

Hearts Desire# 16/7

This is a karmic number. This number shows an abrupt loss in life.

Life Path# 38/11/2

This is a master number. The Master Psychic. She will be the trend setter. This is why she is the Originator of Sugar Trap

Gift# 7

Personal Year# 23/5

Living Life And Being Free

Rico Nasty Cards

Sun in Taurus Building, growing, and developing things with patient care and attention is your style.

---------------------------------------------------- Sun in house 4 She is a private individual and do not readily allow others to see the real her.

---------------------------------------------------- Moon in Taurus She is even-tempered and seek domestic stability and peace. She tend to be very fixed in your habits and resistant to change.

---------------------------------------------------- Moon in house 4 Attachment to home and family are strong. She is deeply sentimental and emotional, although this is not often overtly expressed.

---------------------------------------------------- Mercury in Aries She speak directly and often abruptly. She does not embellish her thoughts with subtle nuances.

---------------------------------------------------- Mercury in house 3 Almost everything is interesting to her.She is curious, observant, good at learning factual material and is highly perceptive.


Venus in Taurus She is sensual, physically oriented, and responds very strongly to the physical beauty of the opp sex.

------------------------------------------------------- Venus in house 4 She loves to relax, enjoying a beautiful, harmonious home. She may enjoy decorating and beautifying homes, and have a deep, innate goodness.

------------------------------------------------------- Mars in Virgo She is very particular and exacting in work. She strives for perfection and become easily irritated by sloppiness.

------------------------------------------------------- Mars in house 8 Shared resources and assets tends to be a source of conflict. Jealousy and possessiveness are also possible.

Jupiter in Aquarius She enjoys, and attract benefit in, business activities, political involvement, scientific pursuits.

------------------------------------------------------- Jupiter in house 1 She is an outgoing, buoyant, good-humored, light-hearted person. She enjoy a wide variety of experiences.

Saturn in Aries She strikes to the essence of an idea of situation, and is not impressed with the flowery embellishments.

------------------------------------------------------- Saturn in house 2 She value what she have and do not like to keep anything that is not being used. She avoid extra expenses.

Uranus in Aquarius She is in the free development of the individual.

------------------------------------------------------- Uranus in house 1 Spontaneity, humor, and eccentricity are the spice of life. She enjoys having a reputation for being unusual.

Neptune in Capricorn She is conservative in religious and psychic matters. She is interested in meditation and ancient teachings.

------------------------------------------------------- Neptune in house 1 She is a highly imaginative and intuitive person, and she do not like to become too absorbed in mundane affairs.

Pluto in Sagittarius She is highly adventurous and forward looking. Many hopes and dreams are built and not all of them can be achieved.

------------------------------------------------------- Pluto in house 10 She have a deep inner yearning to have a successful career. She is quietly, deliberately, and persistently pursue her goals of success and power.

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