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Bali Baby: Sugah Trap Astrology

Name: Bali Baby

Birthday: June 15, 1997

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

Bali Baby is a female rapper who's style is a mix of Bollywood trip hop and sugar trap.

Bali Baby Personality and Hearts Desire is Calculated by using her stage name "Bali Baby". Being that these numbers are can be calculated by current name or name that we are called at the moment of calculation. Also we do not know her exact time of birth so her moon and ascendant is not known.

Personality# 7

She is always thinking. It would seem that because her mind is going a mile a minuet that she is all over the place. But being a creative this works for her. And she gets her best ideas from being chaotic

Hearts Desire# 3

She truly wants to be happy and to make others happy through her art. She can only be happy when she is creatively expressing her self.

Life Path# 11

Highly intuitive psychic even. This may be hard for her being in the entertainment industry seeing how she can see everyone's hidden agenda. This could also explain why she would get "weird" on people. Being a creative doesn't help with the weirdness either. Having the gift of vision can help her know which direction to go in when she is creatively expressing herself. She often will find herself ahead of her time.

Gift# 6

Chaotic Creative

Her gift is the fact the people hear her, they pay attention to her. She can be to much for people who are not use to the weirdness that comes with being a creative.

Personal Year# 5

In her 5 personal year she is living life. She may be adventurous this year trying things that she never tried before. I see her going to alot of events. She may be doing alot of hosting and interviews this year.

Bali Baby Cards

The Lovers

2 of Cups/2 of Hearts

5 of Diamonds

Sun in Gemini She is curious, talkative, witty, and clever. She know a little about everything and enjoy sharing ideas.

---------------------------------------------------- Sun in 5th House She has an abundance of creative energy and has a strong need to project herself into the world in ways that express her individuality.

---------------------------------------------------- Moon in Libra She desires to live in a gracious, harmonious home atmosphere, undisturbed by any discord or friction.

---------------------------------------------------- Moon in 8th House Becoming deeply attached to others is a strong tendency. She gives complete devotion and loyalty to a friend or marriage partner.

---------------------------------------------------- Mercury in Gemini Her mind is quick and witty and tends to jump from one thing to the next.

---------------------------------------------------- Mercury in 4th House Subjects of interest for her include psychology, particularly symbolism and family relationships and heritage.

------------------------------------------------------- Venus in Cancer Love and marriage are near the top of her list of priorities. Mutual support and tenderness in personal relationships are very important to her.

------------------------------------------------------- Venus in 5th House She enjoys creative, artistic expression. She also enjoy games and entertainment.

------------------------------------------------------- Mars in Virgo She are very particular and exacting in work. She strives for perfection and become easily irritated by sloppiness.

------------------------------------------------------- Mars in 7th House People who are self-motivated and aggressive appeal to her, and she want her partners and friends to be strong people.

Jupiter in Aquarius She enjoys, and attract benefit in, business activities, political involvement, scientific pursuits.

------------------------------------------------------- Jupiter in 1st House She are an outgoing, buoyant, good-humored, light-hearted person. She enjoys a wide variety of experiences.

Saturn in Aries She strike to the essence of an idea of situation, and is not impressed with the flowery embellishments.

------------------------------------------------------- Saturn in 2nd House She value what you have and do not like to keep anything that is not being used. She avoids extra expenses.

Uranus in Aquarius She is in the free development of the individual. Human rights are important to her.

------------------------------------------------------- Uranus in 12th House Her approach to religion and mysticism is direct and intense. She are interested in personal, direct contact with spiritual energies.

Neptune in Capricorn She is conservative in religious and psychic matters. She is interested in meditation and ancient teachings.

------------------------------------------------------- Neptune in 12 House She is a deeply religious and sensitive person, with strong psychic ability. She may be over-sensitive psychically.

Pluto in Sagittarius She is highly adventurous and forward looking. Many hopes and dreams are built and not all of them can be achieved.

------------------------------------------------------- Pluto in 12 House She has a deep inner yearning to have a successful career. She quietly, deliberately, and persistently pursue her goals of success and power.

------------------------------------------------------- Sun Square Mars She is very ambitious and achievement oriented. She works hard, and have the stamina to push through to success.

------------------------------------------------------- Sun Trine Jupiter She does things in a big way. She does not limit her vision of what is possible, and consequently draw success to herself.

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Trine Mercury A naturally good psychological insight into others is one of her gifts. She experiences different life styles. She can make people feel at home .

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Square Venus Personal love and affection are very important to Her. She value devotion, friendship, family, and marriage above all else.

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Trine Jupiter She has a harmonious, pleasant, warm disposition. She is helpful and good-willed, and frequently generous.

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Opposition Saturn She is very sincere and want to express your deepest feelings with others, but probably find it difficult to express herself.

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Trine Uranus She expresses herself in an uninhibited, spontaneous style. She is very expressive and help others to loosen up and express themselves more freely.

------------------------------------------------------- Moon Trine Ascendant She is highly responsive and sensitive to the emotional needs of others. She can easily establish a deep emotional rapport with almost anyone.

------------------------------------------------------- Mercury Trine Uranus Herr mental comprehension is very good; she learns quickly, regardless of the topic. Her mind is quick and witty.

------------------------------------------------------- Mercury Opposition Pluto She has strong views on some subjects and can express herself with force and magnetism.

------------------------------------------------------- Mercury Trine Ascendant She is perceptive and witty. She communicates well, being able to aptly phrase ideas so that others can grasp them.

------------------------------------------------------- Venus Square Saturn She may at times go to extremes of simple living. Do not alienate herrself from others and remember that a twinkle of mirth is needed on earth.

------------------------------------------------------- Mars Trine Neptune She has healthy, sensitive motivations for achieving. She tends to succeed in areas where a strong imaginative or idealistic element is required.

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