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Cuban Doll/ Cuban Da Savage: Sugah Trap Astrology

Name: Cuban Doll or Cuban Da Savage

Birthday: May 12, 1998

Birthplace: Dallas, Tx

Cuban Doll is a female rapper who use to be trash but is now a decent rapper who just signed to Atlantic.

Cuban Doll Personality and Hearts Desire is Calculated by using her stage name "Cuban Doll". Being that these numbers are can be calculated by current name or name that we are called at the moment of calculation. Also we do not know her exact time of birth so her moon and ascendant is not known.

Personality# 2

She is very friendly, a flirt even. Her friends are very important to her.

Hearts Desire# 1

She wants to perfect her craft. To be/get a little better everyday.

Life Path# 8

She will very lucky in life. A lot of doors will open for her. This could be because of her personality and her ability to network.

Gift# 3

Basic creative. Taking your creative energy back to the source.

Personal Year# 8

A karmic year.

A lot of lessons will be learned this year. This lessons are design to push her to be better when it comes to picking her friends. And also to excel in her career.

Cuban Doll Cards

The Hermit

2 of Cups

3 of Cups

Page of Cups

Sun in Taurus Building, growing, and developing things with patient care and attention is her style.

---------------------------------------------------- Sun in 4th House She is a private individual and do not readily allow others to see who she really is.

----------------------------------------------------- Moon in Scorpio She has strong, deep feelings and form intense, lasting emotional attachments to others.

----------------------------------------------------- Moon in 11th House She enjoys having a large group of acquaintances and friends. She is friendly with a large number of people.

----------------------------------------------------- Mercury in Aries She speaks directly and often abruptly. She does not embellish her thoughts with distractions.

----------------------------------------------------- Mercury in 3rd House Almost everything is interesting about her. She is curious, observant, good at learning factual material and is highly perceptive.

----------------------------------------------------- Venus in Aries Her romantic passions will suddenly burst into flame, and then end just as quickly.

----------------------------------------------------- Venus in 3rd House

She talks to others in a friendly, pleasant way, and she does not like to argue.


Mars in Taurus She is a good worker, reliable, steady, and consistent. She does well with a regular, efficient routine.

----------------------------------------------------- Mars in 4th House She is inclined to easily feel dissatisfied with herself and she puts a lot of demands on herself to be more or do more.


Jupiter in Pisces She is easy-going, and generous. She enjoys being involved in good work like charities or volunteer work.

----------------------------------------------------- Jupiter in 2nd House Much financial benefit is likely, but she spends money freely too. She can be materialistic.

----------------------------------------------------- Saturn in Aries She strikes to the essence of an idea of situation, and is not impressed with the flowery embellishments.

----------------------------------------------------- Saturn in 3rd House Her approach to problems is in a scientific way. Her mental concentration is good but she may be too skeptical or narrow-minded.


Uranus in Aquarius She is a free development type of individual. Human rights are important to her.

----------------------------------------------------- Uranus in 1st House Spontaneity, humor, and eccentricity is the spice of life for her. She enjoys being weird.

----------------------------------------------------- Neptune in Aquarius She is sort of like a humanitarian and altruistic. She has Ideals and aspirations of government and politics.

----------------------------------------------------- Neptune in 1st House She is a highly imaginative and intuitive person, and she does not like to become too absorbed in mundane affairs.

----------------------------------------------------- Pluto in Sagittarius She is highly adventurous and forward looking. Many hopes and dreams are built and not all of them can be achieved.

----------------------------------------------------- Pluto in 11th House She has a deep inner yearning to feel part of a community. Involvement in civic groups, clubs, etc. This is very important to her.

----------------------------------------------------- Sun Opposition Moon She loves to communicate with others, and especially to share deep feelings and sentiments. She often see things in positive/negative terms. Its black and white with her.

----------------------------------------------------- Sun Conjunct Mars She is a vital and vigorous person, with a strong will and the strength to achieve her goals.

----------------------------------------------------- Moon Opposition Mars Competitive and aggressive, she likes a good opponent and a challenging game. For her there is a fine line between an enjoyable contest and angry fighting.

----------------------------------------------------- Moon Trine Jupiter She has a harmonious, pleasant, warm disposition. She is helpful and good-willed, and frequently generous.


Mercury Conjunct Saturn Her thinking is slow, logical, methodical, simple, and thorough. She breaks a problem down into its constituent components.

----------------------------------------------------- Mercury Square Neptune Intuitive, inner understanding is very important to Her. Herr tendency to be daydreamy can result in poor decisions, forgetfulness, and inattentiveness.

----------------------------------------------------- Venus Trine Pluto She loves deeply and fully, and she enjoys the feeling of being irresistibly in love. She is much less emotionally inhibited than most people.

----------------------------------------------------- Saturn Square Neptune She strive very hard to obtain clarity about her spiritual path and direction. She may also feel confused about her ideas.

----------------------------------------------------- If you want more Occult Information about your Favorite Celebrities A.TheWriter

I would like to see other astrologers interpretation of this chart.

so if you see something that I miss please share.

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