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Aries Compatibility for Love, Friends, and Family

Can fiery Aries get along with others with out the need to compete and be number one?

We will explore that question comparing Aries to other Zodiac signs in different relationship dynamics.

This zodiac compatibility reference is based on a general interpretation of Sun signs only. For a more complete and personal interpretation of a connection, please book an astrology reading.

Homie - Family and/or people you feel at home with Possibly someone you grew up with.

Lover - Someone you have a romantic interest in. More than a friend. Most often a sexual connection

Friend - A person who you have a platonic relationship with. Someone who is not family. You get along with them. No sexual chemistry.

Aries + Aries

Can two Aries get along without tiring each other out?

Homie - I can see two Aries Children will destroy your house. Constant bickering, but they love each other and won't let an outsider come in-between them.

Lover - With this connection love is defiantly a battle field. Explosive and passionate sex. Trying to out do each other in the bedroom. As quick as this romance sparks, it will quickly fizzle out.

Friend - You'll probably wonder why two Aries are friends when they are in constant competition with each other. It can be a friendship that is mutually beneficial where they strengthen each other by battling. or they will become enemies.

Aries + Taurus

Will slow and predictable Taurus get on fast moving Aries nerves?

Homie - Aries will be frustrated by their Taurus family members blase attitude, but will still feel the need to protect them.

Lover - Aries will love Taurus stamina and attention in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom this two will have little to nothing in common to build a lasting romance.

Friend - Aries and Taurus can only be friends because Taurus gives Aries space to relax and chill. But Taurus will bore Aries.

Aries + Gemini

Will Gemini play mind games with thoughtless Aries?

Homie - Want to watch a game of cat and mouse then watch an Aries and Gemini family member interact. Gemini will do things just to aggravate Aries.

Lover - Aries will want to conquer Gemini and Gemini will want to break Aries. This will most likely be a romance of break ups to make ups.

Friend - If Aries is not a good person it will be Gemini that often exposes Aries. Aries will have to be careful of a Gemini friend, especially when it comes to secrets.

Aries + Cancer

How many times will thoughtless Aries make sensitive Cancer cry?

Homie - Aries will be jealous of Cancer treatment and position in the family. Cancer will want to care for them but Aries fire will always end up burning Cancer.

Lover - This can turn out to be a fatal attraction. Aries would not be able to handle Cancer emotionally manipulative ways.

Friend - Aries and Cancer can only be friends and remain friends if Cancer caters to Aries. Cancer also has to overlook a lot of Aries thoughtless ways.

Aries + Leo

Can War General Aries Dethrone regal Leo?

Homie - Leo likes they fact that Aries will shake things up, it gives Leo a chance to participate with the dramatics.

Lover - Leo will only participate in a romance with Aries as a challenge to get Aries to be into them. But once Leo realize how selfish Aries is, Leo will loose interest. The self-centered interested in the selfish.

Friend - Aries and Leo are great friends to party together. Aries will be friends with Leo for ambitious reason and social networking. And Leo will be friends with Aries to me their bad bitch quota.

Aries + Virgo

Will perfectionist Virgo put up with Aries mess?

Homie - Virgo will end up mothering Aries no matter the family relation. After a while Virgo will just distance themselves from family not just Aries. Aries might take this personally especially if Aries thought they were close to Virgo.

Lover - Virgo tends to attract Aries that are totally messed up from their many battles. You often see this pair couple because Aries need healing. They may have intimate moments and the sex may be ok.

Friend - Aries is the starter and Virgo will be the finisher. Virgo will get left holding the bag often times. Virgo will get tired of seeing their Aries friend make mistake after mistake from not taking their advice. Virgo will move on to anther project/friend that will be more satisfying.

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Aries + Libra

Can these two opposing signs get along?

Homie - No matter the relation you will find Aries leading Libra and calling the shots. Aries will be a fierce protector of Libra because their family, but will be betrayed by Libra. Libra will hold their friendships higher than their Aries family members only because they never like Aries in the first place.

Lover - Libra will use Aries for great passionate sex. The romance will be strictly superficial.

Friend - I often find these two friends of friends, never directly friends. If they do spend sometime together it may end up in a fight. Aries thinks Libra is fake.

Aries + Scorpio

Will these two zodiac signs destroy each other?

Homie - Most likely some type of abuse going on in the home. Growing up together Aries and Scorpio will get in trouble together. They can be the best play cousins.

Lover - Call 911, Domestic Violence, fatal attraction to the 100th power. The Best sex that these two will ever have though.

Friend - You can find Aries and Scorpio as life long friends. They will often grow up together. They will have many instances where they betray each other but will still remain friends.

Aries + Sagittarius

Will Aries get under free spirited Sagittarius skin?

Homie - As family they wouldn't mess with each other like that. They will have an understanding and get along, but nothing to write about. They cool, no drama

Lover - One night stand.

Friend - Great travel buddies. Great to party together. Friendship will be superficial.

Aries + Capricorn

Can Capricorn put up with Aries undisciplined nature?

Homie - As siblings they may fight over who is doing their share of chores. Aries may get offended that Capricorn doesn't show up to family get together, but that is because it was last minute and Capricorn has to go to work.

Lover - If these two find each other attractive it will most likely be a romance of convince.

Friend - Great business partners. Their friendship will be mutually beneficial if the go into business together or work together. The only thing that could sour this is Aries being irresponsible and Capricorn being to stuck up.

Aries + Aquarius

How can Aries motivate detached Aquarius?

Homie - You will often see Aries get used by Aquarius.

Lover - Aries will be the one to initiate the relationship and will find themselves maintaining the romance by all by themselves.

Friend - Aquarius will ghost Aries, I don't see a lasting friendship here.

Aries + Pisces

Are these two zodiac signs together as toxic as we think?

Homie - Toxic, Just keep these two separated.

Lover - Toxic, each others drug.

Friend - Toxic, immaturity runs rampant

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