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Aries The Ram Zodiac Characteristics and Personality Traits

Updated: Feb 1

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Aries can be an aggressive, self-interest, softee. Here is an in-depth guide to understanding this Mars ruled zodiac sign.

Aries Complete Astrology Reference

Birthstone: Diamond

Ruling Planet: Mars

Exalting Planet: Sun and Pluto

Detrimental Planet: Venus

Fall Planet: Saturn

Ruling House: 1st House

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Polarity: Masculine/Positive/Active/Yang

Body Part: Head

Numerology: 1

Tarot: The Fool

Color: Red

God/Goddess: Aries is the Greek God of War and Mars is the Roman God of War

“Aries in his many fits knows no favorites” Homer

How to Understand The Zodiac Aries

Career and Money

Aries may be the creator of the most susceptible to the get rich quick scheme. Aries needs to be the boss. Aries thrives in a fast past work environment that's highly competitive.

Love and Sex

Aries can be very aggressive when they see something they want. They are often the initiator in romantic relationships because they have no patience. They need passion and variety. If they get bored with you they will cheat,

Family and Friends

Aries make friends very quickly because they rush into every type of relationship.

Aries is always in some drama because they don't think before they act.


Aries is the energy that has to have opposition. Aries are obsessive-compulsive. Aries rush into things without thinking. Aries is like a child having a meltdown or tantrum.


Aries wear their heart on their sleeve. Aries are not fake people. Aries get the bag. Aries are honest. Aries are the soldiers on the front line. Aries express themselves freely

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