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Mars in the 1st House

Mars is Aries planetary ruler. Mars is also the planet of war, aggression, and competition.

The 1st House is the house of first impressions. This is also the house of our outer environment.

Mars in Aries 1st House

A person that looks like they have alot of energy. Everything is a competition. A highly competitive environment.

Mars in Taurus 1st house

A person could look very wealthy. Comes across a s a person who you need around. There environment may be filled with a lot of very expensive things that gains value over time.

Mars in Gemini 1st House

A person who comes of two faced. A person who seems to have a lot of frenemies. There environment maybe fill with people they are in secret competition with.

Mars in Cancer 1st House

A person who comes across as a care taker who neglects themselves. Maybe surrounded by a lot of needy and insecure people.

Mars in Leo 1st House

Comes off as very self centered.

May come off as a clout chaser. Environment is to be surrounded by the rich and famous.

Mars in Virgo 1st House

Come across as a clean freak. Hangs out with very judgmental people. The environment is like a member's only club.

Mars in Libra 1st House

Comes across as very flirty. Surrounded by many different kinds of people. #boughetto

Mars in Scorpio 1st House

Comes across intensely aggressive. Seem to be mean mugging everybody.

Mars in Sagittarius 1st House

Comes across as very adventurous. Backpacker. Never stays in one place for to long.

Mars in Capricorn 1st House

Comes across as a person who lives for the job. They may think they job gives them status.

Mars in Aquarius 1st House

Comes across very eccentric and weird even.

Mars in Pisces 1st House

Comes across as very irresponsible.

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