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Mars in The House

Updated: Apr 8

Mars is Aries planetary ruler. It is also the planet of war, aggression, and competition.

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Mars in the 1st house

Outwardly aggressive personality. Comes off as a braggart. People are impressed at first then they are slowly put off.

Mars in the 2nd house

An aggressive pursuit of money. Thinks money is everything. Buys the most expensive things even if its trash.

Mars in the 3rd house

Always arguing, always fighting. Conversations are surface based. People with Mars in 3rd house tend to talk about themselves a lot.

Mars in the 4th house

Possible chaotic child hood because the adults argued and fought. The adults acted as children forcing the children to grow up fast.

Mars in the 5th house

Very active sex life. Possibly a lot of children by different people. Would rather go have fun than be responsible.

Mars in the 6th house

Very active in sports, possibly into extreme sports. People with Mars in 6th house often measure their life by how much stuff they have.

Mars in the 7th house

A possibility of multiple marriages and multiple divorces.

Mars in the 8th house

Going through a lot of changes in ones life. Mars in 8th house people seem to get beat up by life. They can go from life extreme ups and downs.

Mars in the 9th house

Doing a lot of travel. A person who thinks higher education as the most important thing. Maybe judges people on their level of education.

Mars in the 10th house

Corporate ladder climber. See business as war. The energy of hostile corporate takeovers. Will step on anyone to get to the top.

Mars in the 11th house

A person who everybody knows. The one in the neighborhood that gets into trouble. Has lots of "friends".

Mars in the 12th house

A person who hates being alone but often finds themselves alone because of their aggressive personality. Aggressive personality could be a defensive issue in order not to get close to people. Also could be surrounded by lots of people but still feel very alone.

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