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New Moon Energy

The energy of the new moon is for new beginnings. This is the time to prep the soil for sowing the seed of intent. It can also be the time to prepare your altar to cultivate and manifest something new. Write your ideas down and examine why you want to the thing. Develop your why.

New Moon in Aries

This may be the energy of getting an idea out of nowhere and feeling very enthuse to act on it. You may wont to take a second to think if this is something you really want to start.

New Moon in Taurus

A new way on how you can value yourself more.

Getting started on something that you have kinda started already. This may be the energy of an idea you have had scribbled on a napkin, never really starting. Now maybe the time to take it more serious and actually start. Maybe its time to take yourself more seriously.

New Moon in Gemini

Starting a new way of communicating with yourself. Also gaining an new idea from someone else, and knowing how to make it better. This is an energy of reinventing something or yourself so that it seems new.

New Moon in Cancer

A new way of caring and nurturing yourself. Being emotionally moved to see a new way of providing what you and other need. New ideas about parenting, self care, and what family is.

New Moon in Leo

Having a new way to appreciate yourself or surrounding yourself with new people who will better appreciate what you have to offer. New forms of entertainment. Actors having break out roles and becoming famous because of it. New themed party ideas.

New Moon in Virgo

A new way to be more prepared and more organized. New ideas on preventative healthcare.

New Moon in Libra

A new way to implement balance into your relationships. Also a new way to look at how we relate to ourselves. A new way of achieving balance within.

New Moon in Scorpio

Phoenix energy, very powerful new moon. The old you has been shedded and now you have been reborn even more powerful

New Moon in Sagittarius

A new journey, a new adventure awaits. This is the best time to visit a place or move to a place that you have been dreaming about.

New Moon in Capricorn

Best time to start a new job or a new business.

New Moon in Aquarius

Start a new group, club, community or tribe.

New Moon in Pisces

Dream of something new. Wanting to feel something new also.

How does the current New Moon effects you

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